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    Question Second picture of me

    Here is a somewhat old picture of me. I just turned 20, I have a VERY hard time gaining muscle or even fat. I'm 6'1" 170lb now. Does it look like I have a build woth pursuing? I've been working out for years, and have gained very little. Also, I've tried 100mg per ml of fina, and 500mg sustanon 250, and I did gain weight, but got Extreme depression/anger side effects Any suggestions on some good builders, but with hardly any side effects?

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    the guys u see here who have juiced are EXTREMELY dedicated to their training and diet, and only then should the thought of AS even cross ur mind. just gearing up will get u nowhere man, a waste of money and risk to ur health. i do believe u have a build worth pursuing, u just need to do some serious eating.

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    hey bro think about your routine first and see what you can change if you havent recently lift heavy, compound movements(deadlifts,squats,power cleans etc. etc.) i see you have some mechanical weights in the back , try using free weights eat big lots of protein, cant really tell you alot unless you put up your routine, and dont try AS until youve exahausted other means(diet,protein powders,and supplements) you will be amzed at what you could do with these , you dont look bad at all great height for mass

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    Bro, you have a great build man..people like you and me are lean, so therefor any kind of muscle we gain it shows...get ur diet in order man, i would say no more than 4 dif exercises on each muscle, maybe 5 on should take u around an hr or need to do too much, less is more remember that..and make sure u get 7-8 hrs sleep at night...ur body grows when u rest!

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    Dont look at gear.... look at your diet.... what is your usual meals through out the day?

    We fix this and you willl growwwwWWW!

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