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Thread: Just a thought

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    Just a thought

    I have been looking at a lot of peoples pictures on this section, everyone is looking good. But I think that from these pictures we can all learn a few things.
    1st Before you start to think about using AAS I think its a good idea to build a solid base beforehand. I wouldn't recommend taking AAS unless you have been workingout for @ least 2-3 years straight out.

    2nd With hard work and EDUCATING yourself on AAS you WILL see excellent results.

    I love this board!!!

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    Very true bro I almost started AS however I was at 25 %bf and figured if I cant lose the weight useing juice would only be a short term fix to a long term problem .So I started looking to lean out add mass naturaly and have lost alot of fat and added mass .Once Iam down to my ideal weight 195 then I'll look into gear again plus I think I will apprecite it more haveing waited .Peace

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    Good point.


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