hi guys just thought i should introduce myself.I live in N.Ireland and compete in the N.A.B.B.A shows.I won my height class last year and got a invite to the Britians.Due to a injury i could not go.I have one problem and that is my legs.I NEED SIZE.My upper half is ok,but everytime my legs let me down.Here is my current leg workout.LEG CURL 4X12-10 STIFF LEG DEADLIFTS 4X12-10 SQUATS 5X10-8 LEG PRESS 5X10-8 HACK SQUAT 5X12-10 LEG EXT 3X15-12.This is done once a week,i train every body just once a week.By the way iam 33 and have been training about 10 years.Any thoughts? By the by best web site ever keep up the good work.