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    Exclamation Help Me PLZ! Im Trying To Start...

    Hi Everyone. Im just now getting out of highschool this week and Im thinking starting my 1st cycle over this summer. Im trying to play college football I played runningback and D Corner for my school. I dont know what to do for sure me and a few of my friends have been trying to gather as much info as possiable before we do anything so we dont mess up.

    Age- 18, 19 in August
    Height- 5'11 - 6'0
    Weight- roughly 185
    BF- ? n/a

    If yall would plz tell me some starter stuff or what yall think I should use I would greatly appceriate it! One of my hookups was gona sell me Eccapoya?? (i know im wrong with the spelling of that) with some testerone pills for 175$ What do yall think about that? He said it was a 10 week cycle.

    My pics are from Last summer and Im about the same from Track and Football and stuff.

    Thanks for your support and help
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    Magistick, If Your Buddy Is Trying To Sell You Test Pills You Are Getting Ripped Can Buy 1-ad In That Case At Any Supplement Should Do Some More Research.there Are Plenty Good Books Out Your Age You Have Natural Testosterone Going Craxy In Your Should Wait.

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    From The Looks Of The Pics You Got A Pretty Good Build, Your Still Young So Bump On The Age And Your Natural Test.. A Lot Of Bros On Here Are Going To Tell You To Wait Till After 21 And Build A Solid Base,,ex Routines, Form, And Eating Habits.. You Really Didnt Explain What Your Goals Would Be To Do This.. Are You Looking To Bulk Up ? If So Its The Routine You Take And Your Eating,, Ya Dont Buy Those Test Pills Its A Bit Pricey ,,,

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    maybe you'll like to go thru the educational threads and learn more abt aas first. in particular i would say dbol (dianabol ), test e(testosterone enanthate ), eq(equipoise ) and anadrol .

    IMHO you have a body that i'll die for(im 19) and you don't need aas to get you what you want. maybe you should reconsider

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    Bro you have a great base for whatever you want to do and to top it all off your natural test levels are through the roof RIGHT NOW! Do not go and screw it up with anything other than eating right and training your butt off. IMHO the best thing you could do is get an ass busting routine and eat like there's no tomorrow, I'll bet by the end of 8-12 months you'll have put on another 20-30 pounds. Hold on the AS for another 3-4 years. Trust me when I say every bro here will say the same thing. They won't be trying to hurt your feelings they'll just be trying to point you down the right path. And there is plenty of great info for a natural builder on this site.


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    Your def. shredded.......................imho ........if you add about 15 lbs of'd look awesome as hell

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    Quote Originally Posted by mass junkie
    Your def. shredded.......................imho ........if you add about 15 lbs of'd look awesome as hell
    Very true, especially with you low b/f percentage. I guarantee you though you would have to eat, eat, eat, and eat some more bro, cause you metabolism is through the roof obviously....

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    good size..dont touch AAS at 18 yrs old bro, your test levels should be thru the roof

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    I just want to reiterate what the bros are saying. Don't worry about doing a cycle right now. You have plenty of test in your body as it is. AAS is not a miracle drug, and it isn't something to be taken lightly. Learn everything you can about it first, and exhaust all possible growth using your natural test before you start jabbing. It's well worth it to wait. Take care.

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    Not that it would be a good idea to touch AAS at your age, but also, you said you wanted to play College Football... Does the NCAA allow players that have been to the "dark-side" to play? I didn't think they did but I could be wrong...

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    Stay away from AS. At you're age all you should do is train, eat, and sleep.

    Welcome to the board.

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    I agree stay away from AS for now, just eat, train, sleep and get all the pooty-tan'g you can!

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