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Thread: My skinny ass !

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    My skinny ass !

    Sup brothas.
    These pics were taken 3 months ago at 175 lbs, current weight is 187 lbs and more tan . Well i've been training for 2 years , never done a cycle yet ( too young only 19 ) all natural so far. Currently eating 4000 calories /day 350g of protein.
    Training very heavily , each set no more then 6 reps.
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    PrOviRoN is offline New Member
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    Dec 2002
    Another front bi's shot !
    Also in high school i weighed 115 lbs and couple years later up to 187 very happy about that !
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    nice transformation. from 115 to 187 nice !

    some areas to work on imho.

    LATS: i am paranoid about this cause i had soo many problems with it. u need to really widen ur lats, do wide-grip pull-ups, my lats used to look like urs, but i did 3 sets of wide-grip pull-ups 2x a week and they really exploded !

    arms: biceps are nice ! but i think triceps lack developement, try french presses or such.

    chest: cant see a clear shot of ur chest, but it looks like the outer areas need some work. try some very strict dumbells flyes and incline flyes (if ur not alreayd doing this)

    stay away from juice and best of luck man !

    diet also looks good man !

    keep it up !

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    The South
    I agree about triceps and lats, I also think you might need some work on your traps and middle of your back. Look pretty good overall though. Nice transformation. Keep up the good work.

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    Nice bro!

    Looks is the key ingredient! I wish i knew that years ago..I would have definately put on more size!! If your not doing Deadlifts..start..this is a great back exercise...I do mine on leg day after i back is lovin' it!! Good luck guy!

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    Great transformation!!

    However, I gotta say this, beneith your chest you have a stomach and beneith that you have an ass and some legs - do you ever work them.

    The gains you made on your arms and chest a wicked - you just need to spend an equal amount of time working the rest of your body!


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