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Thread: first cycle

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    first cycle

    I want to start my first cycle soon but I have a bunch of guidelines and I need something that will come as close as possible to them. First of all, I want something with minimal side affects . Good strength and mass gain . I want to keep most of what I gain. I know kids that have gotten huge and then when the cycle was done the shrunk and I don't want that. Being that I play college baseball, I do not want something that will stay in my system for a long time and risk failing a drug test.

    I am very new at this so any expert info is greatly appreciated!!!

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    There aren't many gains you can make without should read up a bit more on your options.

    I'd suggest Injectable winstrol , short half-life. Or hgc is you have some spare $$ laying around. IMO

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    Well, Winstrol definitely has sides. Joint pain, hairloss etc... You should post this in the Steroids forum, but most will tell you to start doing some research. Plus if you want mass, winstrol isn't the way to go. The best cycle for a first time user is Test Cyp or Test enan. But they both will stay in your system. If you don't mind injections, you could go with a fast acting ester like test Prop.


    Test Cyp
    Test Enan
    Clomid (for post cycle thearpy, its a must)
    Diet - make sure your consuming a **** load of calories and eating 1.5 2.0g of protein per body weight

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