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Thread: pic of my back

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    PoPpaPaQ Guest

    pic of my back

    hey... pretty new to AR.. anyways.. i don't have many pics but decided to post a picture of my back from a while ago..

    18 y/o
    5'9 about 155 lbs cut

    haven't been too serious about my training or eating, but that's all changing now... curious on what i should focus on..

    ** sorry about the bad pic, ill post better ones as soon as i get ahold of a digital cam **
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails pic of my back-backoct23.jpg  
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    Mighty Joe's Avatar
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    Not Bad for 18 bro.....Just don't be impatient. Your age is the best time to hit it hard at the gym.....and drug free too!

    Good luck and train like an animal!!!!!!!


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    decaboy is offline Junior Member
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    Mar 2004
    good cuts hit it hard tho. im only 18 too. but only 5'71/2" and 182 wish i had ur cuts tho workin on it

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    BICEPS is offline New Member
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    Mar 2004
    Great back man, getting serious will change your body dramaticly

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    In the Gym, if i could
    eat eat eat/............... protein........ some carbs........ some fats...... to grow.......

    And learn to use the seated row.. big weight.. to build those lats........ or pulldown, wide grip, and narrow.......

    but great job.............
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    yup you are looking good, train hard and drug free for a few years yet !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevan
    yup you are looking good, train hard and drug free for a few years yet !
    I agree. Work hard for a couple of years and then see where you are before you turn to roids

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    I totally agree with Spywizard..

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    Hey not bad for 18.....great time to start building a solid foundation...if you keep it up you should gain a lot of weight in the next few years. I started seriously when I was 18 and i've gained 40lbs since then....I'm 21 now.....and i'm probably the same % bf

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    PoPpaPaQ Guest
    thanks bro's for all the replys..... probably the best motivation ive had to get back into the gym.... Been eating like a pig last little while, everything is going good..

    tnkz again

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    Awsome back bro

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