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    Solution for the 3:00 AM Backup?

    Instead of backing up the server everyday and sending the database on the other server/computer, waisting 5 gig of bandwidth and 1 hour of uptime, why don't you add a line of code to send each new post/thread to the backup database too (on the other server/computer). Would be way faster, no?

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    Send your concerns to this guy maybe

    Quote Originally Posted by pixl97

    I administrate the hardware for the forums. At 4:00 AM CST the server dumps and compresses around 5GB of data, which is then sent to and off site server. This consumes a significant amount of resources when this occurs, But we have found this to be the best trade off. Currently if the database is corrupted, hacked, or otherwise damaged it will only be one day behind when restored. We have adopted this policy after having a hard disk corrupt and the last backup was over two weeks old, earlier this year.

    I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
    Peter Maas

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    ReX357, what your suggesting is that we do live replication of the database, which I would love to do, but would require a second server running a database daemon. Currenly we have a NAS server on a private network with around 100Gb of space, but it only allows storage, and not running server processes.

    A few days ago we changed the compression settings on the backup which should lead to increased performance of the fourms while the backup is occuring. Is the server still slow at 4?

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