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    Black Market Prices

    Hey guys, Ive sit here for about 20 minutes tryin to decide where to start this thread cuz i cant stand people who post in wrong forums but this is the only place i felt it would be best put, so if i overlooked something i appologize

    but anyway...i look at the black market prices on the homepage and i feel they are REALLY overpriced. I see nonstop people asking in here how much certain things run for, and its like i dont even want to refer them to those prices because they are bad. $4 for 1 tab of Clomid??, $23 for 1 amp of sust...thank god i dont have those sources lol...thats a little pricey. I was just thinkin maybe if u guys had an hour or two, maybe just go through them and change a couple, maybe add some in. I guess im just soo used to underground lab prices, but even for an amp or sust or vial of deca ...20-30 bucks seems a little high

    i dunno i have a 10 page paper to be doing but instead im lettin my ADD kick in and go off on a tangent. Let me know what u guys think.

    take care
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    bump. those prices are off in alot of cases

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    around town

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