Can we get an Anavar sticky or an Anavar section going? It seems like every other post is about someone wanting to run an Anavar only cycle and almost every question they ask has been answered 100 times before. It would be nice if at the least there was a sticky that had all the good Anavar info on this site. I've only been on here for a month now and I already have read tons of incredible info on Anavar by using this thing called a search. Since it's obvious a lot of new people haven't grasped searching yet, maybe a sticky could make it easier.

And if it's a lot of work to create the sticky, I would be willing to go back through the archives and dig up the best of the best anavar threads. If it means I don't have to see 20 posts called "Var Only Cycles?" every time I click the new posts button it would be well worth the trouble.