I would like to bring the attention of the board to powerfulbeast. he is a young newbie who thinks he knows everything(typical 18 year old) also he has no insight and all he does is flame people with derogatory comments. here are some examples of his posts.

"hey aaymetrical..my last words...HEIL HITLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"bornmad...Ill get mike after u man. whats your screen name fool? Ill have him fuck u up so bad man, that u will lose ur fucking penis dick face. Mike is gunna fuck u up."

"FUCK YOU hybrid, go stick needles into ur asshole or something. I gotta go on as BDTR now, later"

"you see...thats the fucking problem with this board...all u idiots do is fucking joke around all day. I dont understand man, what a bunch of deca -dick heads"

"what an idiot assmetrical is. NO dude your WRONG..Because if the teen just gets the premature plate closures as a result of steroid side effects..then everybody would be juicing! Major side effects for young juicers are shortened life, lower testosterone production for life, fuck this shit man i aint going into this..if u teens want to juice I DONT GIVE A FUCK, go fuck urself up bitch"

"haha inject? what a gay ass rtetard loser"

"Does Steroids make you Smarter?"

"BDTR, I would like you to fight a man named Mike. We will see how strong you and that puny 20 inch biceps of urs are (My arms are 17 and a half and I am only 18) here is a pic of him, lets see if you will pussy out like u always do..

whats ur screen name bdtr?"

as you can see there is no room for him on this bored. all he does is flame i dont think there is one post that he has posted without atleast one innapropriate word.keep in mind i bring this to your attention because i respect everyone on this bored and i feel that something should be done about powerfulbeast, because he brings a "bad vibe" due to his offensive comments and poor info.thank you very much for taking the time to read this and i hope by writing this i can make a difference on AR.