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    Massive, mega, computer-jamming window spawning

    This is something I experience nowhere else but here:
    I get a few popups now and then, no biggie... you learn to live with them... but about once a day, usually when shutting down an AR window to go to another AR window, I get a blast of new windows opening that are identical to the one I just tried to close. It's also generally right after I post, too, and I close that window down instead of letting the system redirect me to the post I just made. It'll spawn like 20 or so windows, causing a major traffic jam and locking things up... generally if I'm patient, they all finally load the post I just made, and I can shut them all down. Sometimes, the comp locks and I just do a Ctrl Alt Del and Restart.
    Sound familiar?

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    you have spyware on your computer bro.

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