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    Can't Log in @ AllSport

    Jason, I've been trying to log in at allsport..can't do it.
    So I logged out, updated my new email, which was successful, and tried to log back in, and actually it shows I did, but when I click on "Check Out" it asks if I'm having login problems??
    Plus, I checked in the category that shows the order history, and it goes backs YEARS before I was here???
    What the heck??
    Anyway, I need Whey!

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    It's not actually letting you login it sounds like. I don't know why but it's not taking it even though it looks like it is. We started working on that problem last week, but still haven't made much progress on it. Try logging in again, if all else fails, call us at 1-877-460-1704 and I can take your order over the phone. I'm sorry about that bro. We are working on the problem though.

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