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    Swellin Guest

    Just a useless question....

    Why are the commas after the names the same color as the preceeding member name with special status?

    On the forums page, look at the list of members online. Vett is first...all commas are green..until you hit Bdtr...then all commas are blue.

    It REALLY doesn't is just one of those things you notice when the board slows down at 2:15 AM Monday morning. You have scolded all of the newbies and are now looking for colored commas! What luck!

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    When you start noticing stuff like that, it's a clear sign that you spend way too much time on the board.

    I'm sure it has to do with the way it's coded. The designers screwed up. I could probably find a way to go in and fix it if it is really bothering you. lol

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    Swellin Guest
    Not bothering..I kind of like it. are correct...way too much time on the board.

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    on the net

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    You need a hobby my friend...*lol*

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    dude......... you need to take your time masterbating.... that way you will be more relaxed, and not have as much time on your hands......

    get it?? on your hands??

    Here.... i'll say it slower ..... get a hobby
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    "there are no such things as stupid questions only stupid people that ask questions" LOL J/K Bro - love threads like this LMAO at comments by other people

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    Swellin Guest
    Since it is now 3:15 in the AM...I would like to update this and say that both Vette & Bdtr are still here...working the graveyard shift...judging from the banning he has been doing...Bdtr doesn't slack off either. Oh yeah, all of the names prior to a colorful name have a black comma. The pink after a female member is kind of cute...specially when it follows someone like....Scottninpo. It matches his bunny outfit.

    Maybe I should have put this in the lounge...but then Jason wouldn't have seen it. Bdtr...if you are still in the mood to do some about relocating this one to the lounge?

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