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    women and growth hormone

    i am 23 and have trained for a few years and aiming to compete in a figure contest in september so far i am drug free but need to harden up and lose some fat i have been advised to take growth for the last three weeks. what are the side effects any advice would be appreciated thanks

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    What little I have read has suggested that GH should be taken for a minimum of 8 weeks and that it's benefits start to kick in at around the 4th week, but continue after you have finished the cycle unlike AS.

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    hey krom, GH is the best there is when it comes to drugs. it is one of the only things that will reduce bodyfat while increasing lean muscle tissue by increasing the number of muscle cells unlike steroids which volumise the cell. GH is very safe when used properly (not abused) and i personally havnt seen any side effects that r mentioned in any literature about it. the only thing is that ensure you use a synthetic version of GH. it should be taken for at least 6 weeks with results coming after cycle has finished, however for sum reason it works better when coupled with steroids. even a mild mix of deca and stana increase the effect. hope this helps.

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