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    Exclamation Let me in... !!!!

    Hi ! My name is Sheena. I'm a 30 yr old mom of four kids (ages 9,6,4 & 2). I hail from Malaysia and I am an aerobics & fitness instructor as of 6 months ago. - so relatively still a freshie in this industry. I have been an obese for as long as I could remember until about a year ago, when something tragic happened in my life - I found out my husband was cheating on me for the past three years !!! I thought my life was over and I wanted to die but in trying to get rid of the pain, I started running. There's a park near my house where I would run and run for an hour until I drop from exhaustion. I was actually hoping I could kill myself from cardiac arrest but it never happened. I did that everyday after work (used to work in an office)just because I didn't want to come home and see his face. After a month, my weight dropped from 150lbs to 142lbs (12lbs) And I discovered that all that exercise was making the whole trauma seemed easier to handle. I went one step further and enrolled into a gym for the first time in my life and started to do weights. I lost a further 20lbs over the next 3 months and all of a sudden my whole wardrobe needed major makeover coz ALL the clothes I was so used to were WAAAY too big for me. Since then, I became a workout junkie and had not stopped working out eversince.
    To make the story short, my husband left the other woman the very day I found out about the affair. He had not contacted her at all since then and I know he was really sorry and regretted what he did. We have been trying, successfully, to work through this ordeal. I know we love each other very much and as much as he hurt me, I was not ready to let go of our ten year marriage. For our sake and the children's.
    I am a lot happier now - before the whole thing happened, our marriage, my life, were aimless and almost empty - as if something was missing. I was not really happy with myself. I was overweight, always tired and listless. I guess that contributed to my low self-esteem which affected my relationship with my husband, emotionally and sexually. Now, even though his betrayal will always loom behind us like a dark shadow, I am able to look forward and allow myself to be happy . I am down to a petite 114lbs now (I have NEVER been this small before. EVER !!) My clothes are now in size S (asian). I am still trying to shed off 6 or 7 lbs more, though. I gained self-confidence and a new fitness level which baffled even me. I sleep better, eat wiser and work-out everyday (alternating cardio and weights) My body is firmer , I actually have defined muscles on my legs and shoulders (my arms too, although, I'm still not quite satisfied coz I cannot seem to get rid of my underarm flabs !!) - I look at least 5 years younger (a lot of people I meet were baffled that I have FOUR kids) I get hit on a LOT by men when I'm out alone which is GREAT !! It drives my husband nuts ! Serves him right..
    ANYWAYS....I love what working-out is doing for me, physically and emotionally. I wish I had done it sooner. In fact I am now so into weight-training and aerobics activities that I decided to make a career out of it. I will be taking a course in gym instructing in June - can't wait - and right now busy running around giving aerobic classes, loving every minute of it. I joined AR because I believed that I can never learn too much and I want to be as well-informed about fitness as I possibly can. I have millions of questions which I need answers to, mostly to plateaus and stagnancy in results, which I think I am going through right now so I would be grateful if you can let me join you and post my 1001 questions...hehehe...
    Sorry this is kinda LOOOOOONG - can't help it. So great is my excitement and enthusiasm in this new life I discovered for myself. Thnk you for 'listening'.


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    WOW! Keep up the good work.WOW

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