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    Question Clen Dosage?????????????

    Hello back again with some more questions. I want to start using clen at the start of Dec. I wa wondering about the dosage. I'm 20/f/ 180lbs here's my one day of my diet: Protein Carbs Fat Cals

    Breakfast 7:30 am 1/4 cup oatmeal 2 10 1 58
    1 scoop whey protein 23 3 1.5 110
    Total 25 13 2.5 168
    Snack 10:00 am 1 scoop whey protein 23 3 1.5 110
    1 cup skim milk 8 12 0 86
    Total 31 15 1.5 196
    Lunch 12:30 p.m. 3.5 oz chicken breast 31 0 4 160
    1 cup minestrone soup 5.1 18 0.6 98
    Total 36.1 18 4.6 258
    Snack 3:00 p.m. 1.5 scoop whey cooler 30 1.5 0 126
    10 baby carrots 1 10.1 0.2 43
    Total 31 11.6 0.2 169
    Supper 6:30 p.m. 3.5 oz chicken breast 31 0 4 160
    1/4 cup packaged rice 1.5 13 0.75 65
    Total 32.5 13 4.75 225

    GRAND TOTAL 155.6 70.6 13.55 1016
    I do my cardio @ 6am 1 hour and burn about 700 cals. I work out at 9am i'm in and out kida girl at the gym so when i work out i work hard. I'm doing a 6 day split! PLEASE HELP oh ya I'm also doing a EAC Stack 24/200/200 right now! Plesae Help if you have any ideas about cardio/ dite anything

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    Is this the first time you've done clen with your cardio workout and diet?
    How long have you been following this particular diet and cardio workout?
    Make certain that you're taking 3-5G of Taurine everyday...Clen cramps suck!
    Also drink more water than you think you can handle in day and take potassium supplements. Bananas are good, but you really need a supplement or you'll be eating more of them (bananas) than you want to in order to get enough.

    Start your dosage at about 20mcg. Then try and ramp it up by about 20mcg a day until you are just able to handle the side effects. I would not expect you to need more than 120mcg per day after a 10 day period. A common cycle for clen is 2 weeks on 2 weeks off with an Ephedrine stack in the off weeks. Clen will only remain effective for about a 2 week period. I've read of people obtaining better results by taking 50-100mg of Benedryl before bed. It can make you drowsy so you can sleep bette and it also can clear the receptors allowing clen to be effective for a longer cycle. I've read that 6 weeks is about the standard duration of this type of clen cycle. I have not yet experimented with this cycle yet, but I will be with my next pct. If you haven't used clen before, I would probably go with the common 2 on 2 off method. If your diet and your cardio stay in check should get some good results. Good luck

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    I thoguht that women should star with 5-10 mg of clen ? I'm sure i read this some where I'm not sure of the source? isn't 20mg a little high to start off with?

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