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Thread: body fat...

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    essirah is offline Female Member
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    Dec 2004

    body fat...

    I was wondering, around what body fat percentage should i try to be at before beginning my first cycle? I don't want to start a cycle building muscle on top of fat you know... so if anyone has any advice, i'd appreciate it.

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    chgolatin2 is offline Junior Member
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    Jan 2004
    Good question, however can you give us your stats, age, weight, height, diet, exp, etc? It all depends on what you are trying to achieve, bulk or cutting?


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    essirah is offline Female Member
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    Dec 2004
    Well, my stats are as follows:

    Age- 20
    Height- 5'6
    BFP- 29%
    diet-only 3 meals a day, having trouble getting to that 5 or 6 meals...any advice??
    exp- i've been doing like mild lifting since highschool, it's hard for me to do serious lifting because i can't find a serious partner.

    I really like my stature, so i'm not really concerned about my pounds...should i be?? my main focus is gettin my bfp down. muscle weighs more than fat any way right, it takes up less space though?? I'm more interested in getting cut as i already have the bulk... please respond asap with advice.

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    bigjayo is offline Associate Member
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    I'd say if you are happy with your build, then don't worry about the weight it is just a number. My gf is 5'8 at 182lbs(sounds fat, but she's just blessed with thickness in all the right places) with Double D breasts, she looks beautiful to me. If you are happy, then just focus on the diet and you can lower your bf % some, and yes muscle weighs more then fat.

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    I also had trouble with getting five to six meals a day in with my schedule. Right now I am at five. I prepare my meals the night before. Once you get into the habit of doing it it isn't so hard. I have cleaned up my diet a lot, not perfect but I'm working on it. I work a desk job so I actually put a task reminder on through my email that pops up every three hours telling my to eat. When it comes up I just pull out my next meal and eat right at my desk. I have gotten a lot of my meal ideas here on the board. Good Luck!!

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