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    Question impt questions about clen...

    hi ladies..i have some really impt questions about clen that i am interested in. ok, me and my boyfriend went to mexico last weeek and brought back about 50 boxes of spiropent and novegam. being that my bf% is about 14% i want to take it to cut up, but heres my ?' it dangerous? i mean, i hear its the safest steroid , but how safe is that? another thing that really concerns me is that im getting breast augmentation (implants) on June 5th. will this affect the anasthetics? or does it make no difference? also, how muck should i take, for how long? i take fat burners 5 days on and 2 days off right now, what do i do about that? i get the shakes from them, so how do i know how my body will react to the clen. i need advice. i want to start taking them on monday with my boyfriend, but i have no clue how to start. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks alot!!!

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    OK since there's no ladies answering I'll throw in the same advice as an earlier thread on clen .

    Start at one tablet a day increasing by one a day untill you notice some side effects, like shaking. Then back off one tablet. Cycle it 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off. In your time off you could use your normal fat burner. But the clen alone won't do much, you'll need a diet and cardio to help it along. If you need help on the cardio PM me please.
    Is it dangerous ?, well it's a duretic so watch for dehydration systoms and as regards your breast augmentation surgery in June. It shouldn't have an effect, but why not why untill after the surgery or is that too close to the summer!.
    Best of luck with the cycle and your surgery, if I can help further please don't hessitate to PM me as I don't browse this board too often.



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    Just wait until after the surgery

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    Primo is right.....wait until after the surgery....the doctor will tell you to get off of most stuff anyway, except a multi vitamin

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