Ok this question is for the experienced ladies on the board.

Here is my dilemma:

I have to get in contest shape for a competition in 8 weeks. So
I figured I had plenty of time to run a var and clen cycle to get
me tight enough but still have some muscularity (when I diet naturally
or with clen and/or T3 I come in very skinny/ stringy almost , 5'8" 128-132)

Well, other jobs (booth work, and calendar) have popped up but
they are in 3, and 4 weeks.

So I was thinking I could run add T3 to my Var and clen cycle
to get me lean enough for the calendar (4 weeks) then just continue
with var and clen (and of course strict diet and training) until the
big comp. in 8 weeks.

Please give me your thoughts.

I thank you in advance.

p.s. Mystic how did you do at your shows? I'm sure you looked awesome!