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Thread: swollen from gh

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    swollen from gh

    I have been on 2 units of growth hormone for about 4 weeks and have noticed no weight loss but lots of water gain! I have stopped lifting weights and concentrate on cardio everyday so that I can burn body fat. I feel like a water balloon... Help!!!!

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    ari is offline Female Member
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    Hi Ann, I have the same experience with GH. Somebody asked me if I was pregant. LOL! It's only water! I think you are loosing fat but you can't really see it. Do not stop the weights! I have huge increase in strenght and workouts are great. I never get the same horrible sorness as I used to before GH. You'll build muscles while on GH, so use it in full force. Do your cardio on the days you don't do weights. What was you body fat when you started GH?
    I looked much more ripped before I stated GH. I strated with 2IU 4 days on 3 days off for a month then I increased it to 4 IU /at this point I bloated awfully,/ but took it for an other month and then I went to 2 IU for another month. During these 3 months I added some small amounths of T 3 and clen . I wanted to take some light AS but my trainer and my boyfriend didn't let me take it!
    Now I reduced the GH it to 1 IU 6 days on 1 off and and stopped the clen for 2 weeks and completely stopped taking t3.
    My bloating went down but not completely. It looks to me that I gained some muscles and my fat went down. I took some pictures and I might post them. You can look at my other posts to see me before this cycle and read more about - my diet and so on.. The receptors for GH are in the tummy so that's why the tumme bloats the most.
    Hope this nelps!
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    ari- post the progress pix if you haven't already

    thanks for that's good to read about other's experiences like that

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    Just to let you know -- I had the same problem. AND my hands, stomach and ankles were soooo badly swollen I could not fit into my rings, clothes, shoes. I had to bail -- 4 weeks into my first tyr and 3 weeks into my second.

    Nothing helped -- kept my diet clean, cardio, lifting, drinking TONS of water, taking dandelion root etc.

    It was not worth it to me as I must wear tailored business suits each day (much less the ego bashing it gave me).

    I lost NO body fat I matter of fact, it caused me to gain some.

    Good luck.

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    what kind of gh was it, ngtoo???

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