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    question about my girl....

    her stats before the baby... 5'2 103 lbs 9bf% very toned little girl.. then she got pregnant gained 75 lbs... the baby is 4months old now, she weighs 130, lots of extra skin,still some fat, its ok with me i don't mind at all, but she is very self concoius(can't spell) what type of juice would be good for her, winstol,primo? not sure what she should take? any suggestions at all would be a great help!!!

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    It's only been 4 months. While she did gain a lot of weight, over time her skin will tighten back up. I'm not sure to what extent. I've had two and aside from a few stretch marks, my body pretty much came back to shape.

    Like L.G. said.....Diet and cardio are the first step.

    Have her register and let the ladies here help her out.


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