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Thread: Newbie Here

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    Newbie Here

    Newbie Here to this site .. Love it already Looking for a new good workout routine. I am 31 years old and have been working out for the last 6 months. Currently i have been doing:

    Monday: Legs
    Wednesday: Chest
    Friday: Tri/Bi's

    I am looking to tone up more and put more muscle mass on.

    Looking for any suggestions

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    5 days in a row is a little much IMO go for something like this

    Monday: chest and bis
    Tues: Off
    Wed: back and tris
    Thrus: Off
    Friday: Legs
    Sat: Shoulders and Traps
    Sun: Off

    This routine has worked great for me in the past, and I often find myself going back to it.

    By the way welcome to AR!

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