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    Were it is always to ****

    Exclamation Please help with my wife !!!!!

    Okay I know this forum is for the ladies of AR only but I need some help!!!

    My wife and I have a 1 year old baby girl. Cutest damn thing in the world!!!

    Anyway since having the baby my wife has lost lots of weight and is feeling a bit ugly.

    To me she is the most beautiful thing in the world but anyway she wants to get thicker!!

    Not cut up but thicker!!!

    And she has lost a good part of her sex drive.

    I personally think it is due to the low self esteem.

    Well she works out and is willing to try a small tab only cycle. No injectables !!!

    So what the general thought ladies ??

    Winny and Anavar ??

    Any thoughts on type of compounds and amount?

    Thanks a mil....PA

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    Glad to hear you have worked things out with your wife PA....bump 4 u

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    Valhalla, where the brave live forever!

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    Were it is always to ****
    Damn I thought I would get at least some info on this ???

    Come on ladies of AR !!!!!!!

    I am thinking some anavar and maybe some dhea to see if I can slowly get her test levels up will help with the sex drive and the anavar and winny to build some muscle ??

    Bump for me !!! L.O.L.

    Thanks Big Rush I love her more than life bro !!!!


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    Hey bro...A couple of thoughts. Is your wife breast feeding? If she is, then she CANNOT take the kind of supps that will add a level of toxicity to her system. If she is not then there a couple of things that can benefit her. Also this her first child?

    Let's break it down. From what I hear you say, there are really 3 or 4 factors to consider:
    1..She wants to get thicker
    2...She has low sex drive
    3....She is suffering from low self-esteem

    The issues of sex drive and low self esteem are generally a by product of post partum depression (PPD). MOST woman suffer from that mental state of mind, following the birth of a child. In most instances PPD is generally the worst for a first time mom. the majority of women that suffer from this don't recognize that it is a real mental illness that needs to be addressed and reckoned with. the first step is for her to talk to her OBGYN. The OBGYN can then refer her to a proferssional who specializes in that disorder or can Rx her somehing to aid her mental state of mind.

    The thing most men don't understand in that when a woman has a baby her hormonal systems goes through a significant change. Although your wife my be vibrant and happy, etc on the outside, many woman are really truly and genuinly going through hell on the inside. PPD causes women to not only lose self esteem but many other issues as well. Typically, unless the PPD is dealt with, now matter how much, beauty transformation she may go through, she will still be negatively impacted by low self esteem.

    Her sex drive, bro may never be the same again. As challenging as that may seem to believe, it many cases it is a fact. The hormonal change that woman experience effects her libido in ways that you and I cannot imagine. It generally takes a womans body to begin to return to a level of pre=birth sex drive a full year following the birth of a child. A lot of women go through a real hard time with sex, b/c they know that their husband has expectations and they just don't have the same level of hormones as they used to to drive their sexual desire. So many woman go through the motions of having sex, for the pleasure of their husband, when in fact they really don't want to. this also negativly effects PPD. However it is not just a state of mind for them it is a physical chemistry change their body goes through.

    With regard to getting thicker. You need to examine her diet first and foremost....before any supps!!! Regular weight training and aerobic activity will help her gain her goals. This activity will also naturally aid PPD.

    Bro...I am not a doc. However, I have gone through some very trying and subsequently educational experiences with my wife. I have done a lot of research and reading, trying to get smart on all of this stuff.

    As men, the more we can tune into our wives mental and physical state of being..the better husbands, dads , partners, lovers and individual we will be. As most of AIN'T easy.

    Good luck...please let us know how it is going. PM me if you want to chat somemore.

    Also my wife is a personal trainer and aerobics instructor...he is very knowledgable.... If your wife wants to chat with her let me know.

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    i guess i'd have to ask...has she been training? Since the baby, what types of training has she done? Get back into the gym, get back on a mass building diet, get back into the swing of things...then start thinking about extra help! Good luck!!!

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