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Thread: winstrol tabs

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    Question winstrol tabs

    hi i am a newbie and i have a couple of questions i am 5'1 110 pounds and i am looking to gain some muscle i heard that whinny tabs are the way to go is this true and what are the side effects thanks

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    Did you get access yet?

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    Before venturing into the darkside you need re examine training and nutritional aspects of your game plan. And to just to gain lean body mass is not an acceptable answer to just jump on winny tabs. That is a problem with people always looking for the edge before trying alternatives first. My suggestion re evalaute yor diet, weight training, and Cardio vascular program first before adding other variables into the mix. I have been around for a long time and I have seen new comers just jump on and they usually end up taking to much or loose everything when they come off or worse they loose the drive to continue. Winny is very unpredicatble in women and if you start taking for sake of taking it to gain "some "muscle then the benefits do not out weight the risks. Just some things to think about strongly. If you are going to compete and make money off your body then it is a path you may concider other wise do your research and talk to people first. I have helped alot of people including mods from other boards and I always have them post their workout programs and eating habits and believe it or not only slight modifications have to be made to break plateaus. Best of luck

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