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    Winny or Anavar for a 1st cycle?

    Hi! I am already tone and now am ready to put on defined muscle. What would be the better juice..5mg of Anavar for two weeks and then increase to 10mg for 12 to 16 weeks or 4mg of Winny a day and work up to 10mg..How long should you cycle on Winny? Stats..I am 5"1, 110lbs.


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    chinups Guest
    In woman sides are known to be worse, deep voice etc. Sides in anavar are low and this is your first cycle. I would go with the anavar. I have heard woman making oustanding gains with it.

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    I'd go with anavar if I were you. You say you want defined muscle - winny will most likely make you hold a lot of water, plus sides from winny are more common. (I assume you are a woman since you're posting in the female's forum?) 5mg ED is a good starting point. When and how much you want to increase the dose is up to you. I got a voice change from 10mg ED so you may want to be careful... You could go to 7,5mg ED and leave it there for 2-3 weeks to make sure you tolerate that dose before you increase it further.

    Hopefully the experienced girls will comment on the length. Personally, I think 16 weeks is too long. LG??

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