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    I want to help my g/f

    Hello everyone, I am probably asking the same question a lot of others have asked and read about already but I'll ask so I can get a direct answer for myself. My g/f wants to lose some weight, she's not into lifting but does cardio: the treadmill and plays leage volleyball twice a week. She has what I call baby fat although her bottom half is heavier than the top, so her problem areas are her legs and but. She uses an ECA stack and that Xenadrine I think its called but I know she's not doing a proper diet, I also seen she's been using some of that cutting gel stuff, i don't know if that stuff really works and don't want her to waste her money on it if know one knows if that stuff really works. So could someone let me know what she needs to do to tackle her problem areas. Also what kind of diet should she be on or what kind of foods should she eat or not eat. I know its hard for her not to eat what I eat because i'm always trying to put on more weight. Any and all help is appreciated.

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    Bring her here....this is the best way to help her!!!


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    Daver I'm trying to do the same thing.. It's a lot harder than I thought... Shouldn't have told her I'd do it.. Now I'm stuck..

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    You answered your own question already when you said she's not on a proper diet. All the pills and gels and other crap in the world won't do a whole lot of long-term good without a clean diet. There are diets written in a few threads so bring her here like LG said

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