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    Unhappy need help with a cycle i purchased

    This is the 10 week pre contest i it i recived 19 amps of primabolin......15 amps of winstrol .............and 20 tabs of Proviron ....and nolvadex is supposed to be on its should i take this starting 10 weeks out from a contest????? i cant reach the person i bought it from. I know that some of the primo is for my boyfriend , how much should i take????

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    My opinion. 100mgs Primo weekly, 25mgs Winny Mon. & Thurs. 25mgs of proviron last 20 days along with 10mgs Nolvadex last 20 days. You didnt say how much you weighed, if you have ever done a cycle what type of Primo or Winny? Give more info you will get more help. Shawn

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