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Thread: hi..

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    Question hi..

    hi!! i tata im from argentina.... I have some questions on getting washboard abs and the phisic of a fitness competitor, my fince told my about this site, he is allways by my side becose i dont know much of inglish..
    and also we work out togeter , becose he is a personal trainer, we are going to do a stanozolol cycle, but i want to be sure that i dont become too muscular.. that way he toll me to take a look a this site and to share experiences...

    please can i have access to the forum???

    Thanks for your time...


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    PM PTbyJason or one of the mods for access. Welcome to the board goodess tata:

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    You have access now.

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    I girl, I would not go for winny for a first cycle... Could you put your hand on some anavar ?? There is a lab ffrom your country who makes a very good anavar (oxandrolone): Hollidays. I would prefer the anavar because it is less androgenic than winny and the possible sides are less.

    BUT: AS won't give you the washingboard abs... You need to eat proprely to get those! Low carbs, low fat and high protein...

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