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Thread: hello im new

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    hello im new


    hello, im new here, and i just wanted to say that ive lost 15lbs so far doing natural herbs.

    i use l-carnintine which is a fat burner, and lower blood fat level
    i do use the ephedra that were not suppose to in moderation
    i also use coq10 which amungst a million uses is a fat burner, and helps my toothache
    and dhe-amungs a million uses is also a great fat burner.

    im waiting for my mct to come in at the health. my book says that mcts and l-carnintine and coq10 are the best combination. well i know im doing something right, because im still eating normal, and im loosing weight.

    im also going to try something that everyone should do. and that is cleanse your colon. from what i have read, your colon and intestines can actually hold up to 50lbs or so of garbage waste. that was kinda scary, but worse when i read that one lady after doing a colon cleanse actually passed worms, gross! you dont think about stuff like that, nor do you think about the pounds of waste just sitting in your body. yuk! okay i did a small test experiment today, i weighed myself went number 2 and weighed myself again and there was a pound difference. imagine if you could get all the bad stuff out. well thats my goal. im 5/8 174 and wear an 11 or 13 junior, i want to know where 174lbs is, i know my thighs need help bad! well we shall see! nikki

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    The answer to your every question


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    welcome to AR

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    welcome, stay focused, and good luck

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