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    Smile I'm new, my intro

    Hi everyone! This forum is great! I used to pay to be a member of a similar forum but I ditched them and thought I might move in here if its ok with you all.

    I'm 29, married with 4 kids (and I'm done for sure! I'm 4 weeks post op TAH!! Woohoo!). I'm an RN but I'm not working right now because my kiddos are really little (22 months - 7 years). I was lifting 4x a week, on a split rutine and doing HIIT every morning before my surgery, but now I can't even do a sit up (I had an abdominal incision, they split the muscles apart and pull them open wide...). I have the clearence from my doc to start working out again, but basically I know I'm starting all over again. I'm 5'7" and weigh about 120-125lbs with body fat around 18, probably 20 now after 4 weeks of not working out at all (I haven't gained weight though). Anyway, thats all I can think of for an intro but if I missed something important let me know.

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    CutieFace Guest
    Welcome to AR

    don't rush to be where you were at pre surgery...muscle memoray is a truly good thing.....and it will come back...just start off slow and light.....

    you may want to apply some vit E to your insicion once healed, it will help w/ the healing process and mi nimize your scar...


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    novus_spera, you now have access to the female forum. Welcome to AR, you will love it here.

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