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Thread: Morning post

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    Need to know basis.

    Cool Morning post

    Hey everyone. The Nickster here. I have been checking out several forums lately and since I ran into this one, I kicked all the rest of them to the curb. You guys all rock the world of anabolic forums. A lot of good respect and solid advice on this forum unlike some of the other forums I have visited. I am a solid stand up mofo, been around the block a few times, just not the anabolic block. So here I am wanting to soak up all the knowledge I can.
    I posed this question on a post the other day and got some great feedback, so I am going to post it again. It is about my first cycle to be (imagine that). I am not going to do a cycle until I feel educated enough, and when I do I want to do it right. I have been reserching websites, books and now this forum. I feel a little overwhelmed with all the differant advice on first cycles and stacks, pct, un****ing believable.
    I am 41, 5'10", 240lbs, I would guess 20% BF, maybe a little more but dont officially know, and I have been driving iron off and on now for 10 years. I am back into a solid routine, now that I have time with the wife living across town, and I want be a brick****inghouse. So, anyway? I will have:

    500tabs dbol 5mg
    9amps of sust 250mg
    3 vials hcg 1500iu/vial
    90 10mg tabs tamox
    plenty of liv52 and milk thistle

    So do you think that htis is enough for a cycle, and if so, how to put one together and if not what do I need?
    Also, do I have enough anties for a pct? and how should I pct with what I have?
    As I said, I already posted this questions and got several answers, and a couple PMs, good solid answers I might add, just looking for differant perspectives. My respect

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    Didn't we tell you that you would get better answers if you posted this in the steroid forum?? This forum is just for new people to say hello and introduce themselves, not to have questions like this answered. Because that many people don't browse this forum, you have a limited number of people that will see your question. If you post this in the steroid forum, all of the people that specialize in steroids will see your question.

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    steroid forum bro

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    Agreed , welcome

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    Welcome to ar bro!

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    welcome to the site, the search button is gods greatest creation

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    you will learn a ton, welcome

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