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Thread: Newbie!

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    Red face Newbie!

    Hi Guys, so good to find a forum that actually know what they are talking about!

    I am about to start juicing for the first time, and so i need some help. I have a 10ml bottle of Ilium Boldebal-H and a bottle of Anabolin(i think it's 50 tabs) tabs. How do i start, what do i do for best results, is this enough, what side effects are expected, and what would be the best cycle?And i know this might be a dumb question to ask but does it make a difference where i inject myself i.e. if i want to work on my biceps do i need to inject my biceps?

    Good To Be Here!

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    welcome bro, post your questions according to their place on the forum board. post this question in the "steroid question" forum and folks will be glad to help you. good luck. HOP

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    welcome to the site, i am the official greeter. for help or any questions feel free to pm me and i can direct you to the thread.

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    I've been on vacation. Just getting around to shout out to all the new folks and welcome you all aboard.

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