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Thread: FNG Here.......

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    Talking FNG Here.......

    I just got tured on to this site and so far its very helpful.So far Iam Natural ,Key word so far.I have been unable to train for the last two yrs because of a shoulder injury. I have been in the gym about a month at most.Am 5'10 240lbs I'll post my first few workouts on the training post .My goals are to be around 260lbs+ with a Bench of 450lbs If my shoulder will let it get that far for now its 285lbs very weak,but am working on it ,Deadlift 600lbs + as for nows its at 500lbs ,Squat is at 425lbs deep I would like that to be 500lbs if not more.Also I would like my clean and press to be over 225lbs+ now it's at 205lbs.I have never done any type of SUPPLEMENTS,but I would like to know what type I should take on my first cycle.Also if any one know of a site that I could look at that lets one order with out a credit card or bank account that would help.I just dont like giving that type of info out to order I think is best.

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    Welcome to AR.

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    welcome to the site, i am the official greeter. for help or any questions feel free to pm me and i can direct you to the thread... post the workout and any other info you have

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    Welcome to the site! Spend a little time reading some of the old post and I think some of your question may get anwsered!


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    welcome to the boards bro, stick around you wil def learn something.

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