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    RocksRight w/ Questions

    Sup Fellas..

    Ok, its kewl to be on this forum and I appreciate all the feedback that you guys will or can give, as long as its honest and constructive-

    I am 6'4 235LBS, I work out 4 days a week and basically have been told I have the perfect body, I use to break dance back in the day so my abs are close to perfect, It was great because I use to go to clubs and start breaking and woman would come in flocks, especially here in Miami.

    But now I jsut sit back in the cut and I dont have to dance and I get better results, thanks to honestly 2 1/2 cycles.
    So here are my questions:

    I can Bench 425 Decline, 335 Incline and 365 Normal ( I cant seem to get my normal bench Higher) what can I do to get this above 400LBS?

    As far as juicing, this is what I have been taking-
    1 cycle of Sustanon 12 amps 250 a week, 500 for 3 weeks..
    Anadrol 20 day supply

    started with Enantate QV 200 3 weeks ago (**** that **** hurts)
    Deca 250 just today
    back on Androlics (Dragons) 50 mg 30 days

    then I am done- I want to know is this a good stack- being that I went from Sustanon to Enantate and now stacking with DECA and Androlics?

    I have Chlomid and Nolvadex for Post recovery, I eat good and work out really intense, I am 27 years OLD- What is you guys is opinion, my Goal is to be 245 LBS, give or take a few- but this is all muscle, no fat what so ever-

    Also the last order of DECA I ahd although looks legit and I got it from a good source, sent me the bottle with no label, jsut a white paper with the dragon on it- he sent me to the website where the bottle is, and it looks like the bottle and substance but how can I freakin know, I mean he did send me the Androlics and I know they are real, along with the chlomids- but any advice on this Gear-

    Also what exactely does Enantate do, Gain weight? Bulk? besides hurt like hell..

    Anyway, I appreciate the oppurtunity to ask questions and hopefully I will hear back from someone-


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    welcome bro, your better off posting this in steroid questions forum

    i would take ethanate if you want to bulk up 20-30lbs and stack with decca and/or dbol . you seem to know what your doing so a little research here and youll be fine

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    Appreciate it...

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    Welcome, I believe you have your anwser!


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    welcome to the site, i am the official greeter. for help or any questions feel free to pm me and i can direct you to the thread

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    welcome to the boards bro, stick around you wil def learn something.

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    Welcome to AR.

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