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    just anothe new guy who needs help

    hey everyone i am a new to this site, i have been told that this site has a lot of good information on on natural lifting as well as unnatural. i am currently stationed in iraq and have a very small gym to use. But it gets the job done. my goals are to mainly increase lean muscle mass and strength. i am 23 years old and have just recently decided to try bodybuilding. i am in average condition, ready to take it to the next level. i am having a problem with getting my arms to grow and i have plateaued out on my bench. if anyone has any ideas on how to help it would be greatly appreciated.

    my current workout is one body party a day fives days a week, sometimes i work the same body part twice on the same today to help break my muscles down more. my rep range is 5-8 per set. along with cardio 3 times a week for 20 mins. well like i said any help would be appreciated i hope to gain alot of knowledge from this site.

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    welcome to the site, i am the official greeter. for help or any questions feel free to pm me and i can direct you to the thread

    for more info you can post the workout in workout forum and youll get lots of answers

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    welcome to AR bro

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    Welcome To AR. Keep at it a while the gains will come! I been at it for 20+ years and I wish they were faster!


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    Welcome to AR.

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