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    Dieting and Training

    I'm currently in high school, about 5'11 170lb's.. I currently only take "Whey massive gainer" protein, i am pretty committed to working out. My scedual is 4 days a week, Mon: Lats, Shoulders, Trpas. Tues: Bycepts, Trycepts. Thurs: Chest, Abs. Fri: Legs, and forearms. My goal is as much lean muscle gain and minor weight loss, or no weight loss with gains still.

    I have been considering Testosterone Enanthate and trying to get as much information on it as possible, aswell as going on other suppliments such as creatine. I wanted to get some other people thoughts on Testosterone Enanthate for my body type. and a good diet that would help weight loss, or maintain my current weight with as much muscle gain as possible. Also if someone could give me a list of some foods that are low carb, high protein that would be recommended to eat daily.

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    welcome to AR

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    Canada & Europe

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    welcome mate!

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    at your weight bro, I would rely heavily on diet rather than the AS. You have not reached your max potential to grow... Eat lots=get big. When big=test ent. P.S. AS will not help you with weight loss unless you are on a strict diet.

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