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    Research for paper

    i'm a 3rd yr university student writing a paper on steroid use . no wait, keep reading! it's not an anti steroid paper (but it's not pro-sauce either), it's about the creation of a problem through media and other institutions and reactions to that problemization. basically, i am looking to know how you came to this site, what you gain from participation in these forums, and anything else you may feel is relevant to the topic. i am interested in how you came to use/consider anabolics and your feelings re: effects (good and bad), media portrayal, how those close to you react, whom you chose to reveal your usage to, etc.

    i'm a former competitive natural (because i chose to be, i harbour no ill will toward anyone who chooses to enhance themselves chemically or otherwise) bodybuilder, placing 2nd and 3rd in my two shows. i stay in shape, and actually spent the last year within 10 lbs of contest shape just to see if i could. i stay close to my roots, working as a trainer to help pay for school, and maintaining a strict training regimen. i'm a sociology major looking to bring a little more understanding of gym and bodybuilding culture to academics who mostly look from the outside in. this will be a continuing area of research for me, and you participation would be greatly appreciated. you can email me at for further information. if the moderators have any problem with this, i am sorry to trouble you, and please forgive my intrusion. thanks for reading.

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    Welcome to AR !!

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    welcome, this forum is full of info

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    welcome to AR & goodluck on your paper!

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