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Thread: Just Starting

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    Just Starting

    Whats up bro's Ive actually been clicking around on this board for about a year b4 actually joining... i just never really had done a cycle so didnt really have any questions.... but i just started my first real one... i messed with some little stuff a few years ago but if i had known about this board at the time i wouldnt even have wasted my money. Ive been body building for about 3 years and have gone through differnent phases, one year dieted severly and got cut as hell; then one year ate everything not nailed down and slammed weight gainers ( around 5000 cals a day ) and creatine and gained about 25 lbs naturally ,shot from 175 to 200 so ive def seen what you can do without even touching juice.. but recently ive been hitting a few plateaus.. mainly in my lower body.. i can squat quite a a bit relative to my body weight (350lbs ) to (185 lbs) but dont geneticaly have any good leg development... ive always had skinny legs and calfs.. so looking to bulk up in those areas as well as further devlop my upper body.. ive already made a few posts and got good feed back.... this board has been a great help in answering alot of my questions about BBing not just pertaining to juice .. so im looking forward to gaining more information and passing on what i know to others in the future...

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    Welcome !!

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    welcome bro..

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    Cheers and Welcome..

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    welcome to AR bro

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