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    Tell me how I'm doin!

    I tried to start working out about a year or 2 ago, and never really got into it. I have been pretty serious about it for the last 6 months. Here is some info on me.
    I just turned 20 years old.
    203 lbs with an unimpressive BF perecentage
    45.5 in chest
    11.6 in forearm
    15.2 in bicep
    14 in tricep
    41 in around belly button/hip area (I'm working on it!)
    15.3 in calves.

    Lately I have been working out each body part once a week. I usually do 6 different types of exercises per body part with 3 sets of 5 reps. I have seen decent gains strengthwise but not really to much muscular development.

    My diet is as follows
    Breakfast: 60 gram protein shake + milk
    Mid-morning snack (2 hours later): 2 26g protein bars
    Lunch: Tuna sandwich, cottage cheese, milk
    Post Workout: 60 gram protein shake + milk
    Midafternoon snack: Turkey sandwich and milk
    Dinner: Usually a tuna or chicken sandwich, cottage cheese, chips, milk
    Before bed: 60 gram protein shake + milk

    I believe I am getting enough nutrients to get big, so I decided to change my workout up a bit. I bought Arnold's Modern Bodybuilding Encyclopedia and am going to begin the beginners workout which consists of primarily 3 exercises per body part, 3 times a week (ex. Chest MWF Incline, Bench, Cables). I am going to do this until I get some size. Any other advice you all could offer would be great, whether a change in diet, lifts or suppelments is welcome. Thanks!

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    Welcome to AR !!

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    Thanks, any tips on my training/diet anyone?

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    welcome, re-post this question in the workoing out section, youll get more answers

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