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    Post I think it was time to join Anabolic Review Forums!

    Well I have bean reading your forums for the last 3 months and Just want to say hello! I did read up on a lot of info on here because I learn one thing on this forum is you always research first.

    I thought it was about time for me to join so that’s what I have done and I hope you guys welcome me in to your community.

    I also know there is a lot that I will learn on here talking with all of you. Just hope I can get more good advice and not to much bad advice.

    I am 34 height 5’11 Wait 200 lbs and about 13% body fats.

    Love to work out and paint. I have done cycles before.

    About 6 in total and my last one was about 1 year ago. Took Deca and almost all test also had d-bol Var, T-bol and winny.

    I have always stuck with test because I believe that test is the best to use as a base and I have not tried much of the other gear. But always got good results with test!
    I do hope one day to try HGH but have more research to do first!

    Again thank’s for reading this post and hope to make a lot of new friends at Anabolic Review Forums!
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    Welcome bro. Your stats look good, seems you have some good knowledge about AASs to help others too.

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    welcome to AR

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    welcome aboard

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