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Thread: Hi all.

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    Hi all.

    Hi, I'm 27 and started playing football in europe 2 years ago. I'm 6'2" and 276lbs but with about 25% bodyfat [too many years of sitting around eating crap] I lift 4 time a week and I'm mainly looking to add bulk and strength. I'm aiming for 300-315lbs with about 10% bodyfat.

    The main reasion I'm looking to use roids is we've moved up a division and in a couple more years will be playing against the best teams in Europe and we're importing ex-collage and ex-nfl players over the next few years so I need to hang onto my starting spot.

    I'm getting good training, diet and cycle advice from some of the players but I'll post it in the relavent forums to get advice and oppinions on it.


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    Chris welcome to the forum. this is a great place to get advise just read it all and then make an informed choice on what you want to do.

    I think you will get most people here saying 25% BF is too high to start AAS and if you goal is to pack on 35+ lbs of weight you are going to want to lean out some more before bulking using AAS or your BF will just increase and put you worse off than now. Right now you are looking at carrying an extra 70lbs of fat on your frame now. that is a LOT!!.. I would say stay a while, read, learn and push your cardio and get your diet in check (perfect) and then look at AAS when you are down some... maybe 15% or so.. I started to high on BF and I am getting some gains but not as well as I could have if I got diet/cardio corrected first. I feel I have wasted my first cycle because I jumped in too fast..

    No AAS will help you lose the fat or gain muscle with out getting the rest of your routines in check.

    Good luck!!


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    lean out first no doubt. also adding 40 lbs is gonna slow you down considerably. at 27, i think i would consider speed and strength more important to keeping your job on an o- line than overall size. if you were a little younger, and trying to make a squad, then i would pack on all the size you could handle. at 27 though, considering you're already playing, i would concentrate more on the speed of your game. big or small you guys up front usually bow out when the speed is gone. best of luck to you and stay healthy.

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    Hi de Hoe Good Neighbor.. welcome to AR
    The answer to your every question


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    Welcome Man... post up your threads and i'll be sure to chime in.

    Good to have you

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