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    Talking I need help please you guys are the best!

    I worked out natural for about 2 years im 19 now and did a 8 week cycle of 5mg naposim in during the summer the cycle went great i bulked up from 140 to 165, i was drinkin nuttin but water and eating 150 grams of protein a day nuthing but tuna steak and peanut butter shakes. i improved by bench from 135 to 1rep max of 205, every muscles was defined and tight my cycle ended in mid sept.and it is now december and my chest is still lookin good ( cause of the estrogen) but i cant bench as much as i used to i cant lift as much in any excersize as i used to . i gained about 5 pounds and cant lose it my stomach is fatter then its every been and everything is gettin soft, im just dissapointed that im not as stong and solid anymore, i would like to be able to total kick the AS so i can go back to a natural routin and slim down tighten up and seperate,and define cause whenever i workout hard i just bulk up i guess with water and then it goes away if i dont lift the next day. i kno u goes have tons of suggestions for me but i dont really want to cycle again and definetly dont want to inject even though my friedn suggest one item that would solve my problem easily, u guys r the experts let me kno please id really appreciate ur help

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    Welcome to AR.

    This forum is for member introductions post your questions in the relevant forums and you'll get the assistance you seek.

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    uk/ south east

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    at 19 you really need to consider not using aas until you are a little older. I f you really want peoples advice listen to the guys on here. I know I wont be the only one to tell you this.

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