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    oh member my member

    hello...ok heres my story, before i started lifting i was a little fatty fat mcfatster, but then i started lifting a little bit here and there and playing some more sports but still stayed about the same. then about 3 years ago i got into learning about lifting and things like that, i met a 7 time mr. florida, dave marinelli who showed me alot of things, he is my grandpas personal trainer. that showed me some good things. but the past year have been the best, my first cycle i did 6 weeks of deca durabolin and stacked it with sip and i did some clenbutoral to knock out the excess water..i ate perfect that whole time about 7 meals a day and i gained about 20 pounds of lean muscle. i went from 180 to 205. i didnt take anything to rebalance my testosterone levels though so i lost a little bit. i just started my second cycle of amadren and clenbutoral and so far ive gained about 5 pounds. so now im not the little fatty mcfatburger i used to be. ill admit i still have a little chub, but overal i look amazingly better. thats my story, bye

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    amadren hu..?...never heard of that...let me know how it works out...

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    lol Welcome

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