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    new guy, questions about anavar, thanks!

    Hey guys,
    my name is justin, and im a 20 year old student. im new to this forum and think its unreal, how much new stuff i learn here. anyways my question is regarding advice on my first possible cycle. im wanting lean mass gains, without any od the bad sides. so from the information ive been looking up it seems anavar , is the one for me. the question i have is, it is seeming hard as hell to obtain the U.S. version oxandrolone, without some outrageous tag, do to the rareness. does oxandrovet produced by denkall labs work the same as oxandrolone. i understand the U.S. version is stronger or more potent, but is oxandrovet just as safe??? im not wanting any bad sides, and from what im reading i believe oxandrovet is made for animals. would this cause anymore unwanted side effects, then oxandrolone??? is it worth the money?? and i have read up on the going rates, of alot of the gear, but how much would a six week of avar usually go for??? thanks for the help!

    justin g

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    denkall and loeffler both make good quality var. Lab reports tested their var to be properly dosed. I believe JohhnyB has the lab reports.

    Prices for the 5mg tabs range anywhere from .75c to $1.25 a tab. The stuff is not cheap,especially for the finacially strapped.


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    Just finished some Denkall Oxandrovet--Great stuff.
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    welcome mate!

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