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    Cool Newbie comin outta the shadows for some seniors

    Sup everyone- 19 yr old/ 165lbs, 5'8", 12-14% bf. I've been reading through the board for a while now. But everyone talks about there cycles and how much they've gained after their first cycle or whatever- are those gains from after everything wears off? Isn't there a lot of weight that one loses with the water retention?

    Also- I havent juiced yet, but I would desperately want to try to gain about 20-30 lbs by Jan/Feb, and maybe start a cycle of Deca 200mg/wk and Sust 250/week with clomid @ the end, what do you guys think?
    with my size, what would be your guys' recommendation on proteins v. carbs?

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    yea people lose water weight when they come off, but if you keep working out and eating right+take anti e's and a PCT drug, you should be able to keep most of your quality muscle gains. as far as 20-30 lbs by january... who knows about that. your not gonna get that from just gear. you would have to start eating guy. i dont know what your eating now but at your height/weight, if it isnt at least 3800 a day, you arent gonna put on the pounds. those dosages are kinda low too, prob wont do much with 250 sust a week.

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    First off Welcome to AR bro.imo your to young to start AS.Try and gain naturally for another 2yrs,then take the plunge.Eat plenty of cals,train properly and get plenty of rest.Good luck bro. DB

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