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    CLENBUTEROL - i am thinking of useing

    hello i am a new member to this site. I got refered by a good friend of mine here, and this site kicks ass.

    well i am trying to get a 6pac and have been battleing this for 5 years now. every summer i try to get it but alwase end in failure. i have tryed a balanced diet with some supplements like protien and multi vitimin. i have had really good results with adkins ... but then started drinking beer again =P so i am back to being 20% body fat and at 230lbs. if i could get to 210 i think i will be where i want to be at. anywase one of my friends sugested CLENBUTEROL , and as far as i have read it seems really great. is there any major draw backs? how much do i use per day. and do i need to take rests between stacks?

    thanks in advance

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    Welcome to AR bro.....go through all the steroid types and read all thr educational threads

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