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    I'm back, haven't posted or read in a verry long time. I matured tons mentaly and physicaly. Here's my run down in detail questions and comments welcomed! Went from a whopping 275 down to 240. Packed on 30 lbs to my squat and seeing symetry. I just switched to GVT fraining to change up th epace for my muscles but i've been plateauing for about 6 mo. I'm thinking about trying a cycle. I was recomended o be doing 500-750mg/week sust along with 100mg deca /week. I have been doing as much research as possible and was thinkign about weather or not EQ would be a good alternative to Deca for overall quality gains and if I should start the cycle with some fast acting oral to "jump start the program". I'm also interested in what Anti estrogens I should be takign and how often if durrign the cycle, I'm not familiar with these drugs as much as I am with AAS. HCG and clomid seam natural to take. I'm near 22 so I'm not thinking GH or Slin as options really. I have heard alot about exotics IGF-1 etc also. My work out plan is mixed up every month or so my body dosen't lul into a pace. Back, legs, and chest then either a shoulder or arm day fits in alternating every week. Cardio 2 days a week atempted to be done in the AM. I'm lookign to pack on quality muscle without going into fat bastard mode, and make some moderate/high stentgh gains. I usualy stick to the 4-8 rep range untill recently with the GVT(10 sets of 10 reps) to shock my muscles. My diet is way under control 6+ meals a day mostly wholeistic 50 grams protein per, 2 shakes a day. Been lifting for many years and looking to bust through. That's me. Just giving you all my back ground and current situation. Hi all and I will be posting and keepign an open mind as much as possible Happy to be here.

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    Well then, welcome back!


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