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    New Guy - Info - advice/thoughts?

    I've been to numerous forums lately and this one looked the best so I joined. So here's my story in a nutshell...
    I'm 19 (soon to be 20), 72.5 inches tall, I'm always changing my between 170-185 pounds (176 this morning). I'll admitt it, I've become obsessed with fitness, nutrition, and my weight (OBSESSED!) I'vee come to the point where I don't care what the scale says, now I just am more concered with getting jacked and fine tuning some problem areas. I use to be really sick when I was younger. Fat also (236 at my highest weight..... it's hard even typing that). I'm not sick anymore and l don't consider myself fat anymore. Basically I lost a lot of weight and I did it really fast. I'm pretty much just wanting to get rid of some of the "left over fat" on my obliques and lower abs. I have a friend who's been a bodybuilder now for 7 years. he kinda has a story similar to mine (fat to thin). He actually was competing at a weight of 180 when he first started now he's 240 and jacked as hell! Looks kinda like Steiner. He's been wanting to get me on a cycle now for a while. I'm gonna hold off on that (at least until I'm older), but I am seriously considering taking Clenbuterol stacked with Cytomel . Actually, it's already been paid for and will be here soon. Getting a new cell today so hopefully I can get some pics posted-before pics of me and then some of me now. Thought I'd introduce myself though, give a little backround, and see if you had any thoughts over my current situation.

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    Well bro I think you made the right move by holding off on the anabolics for a few years. IMO I would suggest a clen /ECA stack 2wks on/2wks off along with some cardio and see how that works out for ya. I would hold off on the cytomel for now. T3 should be used when cycling because it can effect your muscle mass by its way of burning calories.

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    Welcome to AR bro

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    Welcome aboard! I second the notion that it was wise to wait a while to start the juice.

    I just finished some Clen , and I would say give it atry. Just run the Clen/ECA stack like dragonslayer said.

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    Welcome to AR .. it's good to see people use their head like you've done by holding out on AAS until later.

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    Welcome to AR....

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