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Thread: Wassup!!!

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    New here but have been on other boards. Hope it's not too uptight around here! Planning a first cycle in January, going w/ Test and maybe some EQ, probably throw in some Primo towards the end (yeah, good luck huh? finding real stuff that is) I'm close to Mexico so I got that going for me, as long as I don't get too big I should be OK. I prefer to comment on things I KNOW so I won't have too much to say in the AAS forums but I can bring the funny in the Lounge and I got plenty of Spa tips (I'm a known Metrosexual, but give me a break, I'm Italian and we groom, forgettaboutit!) And I'll try to wiggle in a Duct Tape reference wherever I can, just a trademark of mine (yeah I know, I'm an idiot)

    Hope to have some fun.


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    LOL...good spirit Duct. Laughter is more than welcoming. Welcome aboard AR my iron brother.

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    Welcome to AR Gumba...enjoy yourself

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